Rates & Fees

All the fees and terms to be known. Your Trust our Responsibility.

The Truth in Lending act of 1968 is a United States Federal Law that the use of consumer credit and a full discloser of all the fees, payments and interest rated applicable to a loan should be done by the lender. It becomes necessary for any lender lending you a loan to disclose to you all the fees, rates and payments before you accept the loan. Once you choose to accept the loan, most of the e-loan lender in USA will redirect you to a final e-signature page on their website for the final approval and completion of the loan approval process.

To eradicate any kind of misunderstandings or to avoid any kind of fraudulent or error cases, it is best advised to take time to read and deeply understand your loan agreement before accepting the loan. Some policies differ from lender to lender, just like different lenders might have same or divergent late payment policies. It is advised to read the late payment policy completely that is set out before signing the loan agreement as all the lenders must have to follow the rules/laws/terms of the late payment fees written. Additionally the non-payment fees and charges are eligible to apply if you are unable to repay the loan.

Throwing light on Loan Renewal Policies as the are mostly overseen by state laws in the places where loan renewals are applicable. In some loan renewal policies the fees for late payment and renewal with extra interest can add up to your final loan sum amount. Study the loan renewal conditions along with different policies that a lender applies for a loan.

Note : Above mentioned information are only for the sake of information and not to be considered as the legal advice. These is to be declared that they might not be correct or current. If you have any doubts concerning these please talk to the lender or seek a legit legal advice. Some states might not have lending loan laws correlating to the personal e-loans.

Important Discloser, Advised to read carefully.

This is to be disclosed that MyEloans is not a loan lender and does not make any credit decisions. MyEloans.net connects the person looking for personal loan to a network of approved lenders for personal loans. MyEloans is not and should not be held responsible for any actions or inactions by any of the lender. MyEloans is not an agent, representative or broker of any lender and do not endorse or promote any lender by any means. Any decision for loan and all the loan approval are done by the lenders at the time of application to them. MyEloans is a complete online personal loan provider but with some lenders it might require faxing some documents for the loan approval and also the time for processing the loan varies from lender to lender. MyEloans does not guarantee the loan approval after you submit your information and required documents. Your application might be rejected at any step and MyEloans is not obligated for any kind of approval of the loan. To know detailed information about your loan you have to contact your lender directly. This it to note that MyEloans services is not available in the entire USA and applicants from some regions are not serviceable. Also it is to be considered that by using this website, you warrant that you are 18 years old or above, also you are a resident of United States of America and that you are not the resident of any state where loan application is illegal. Tribal lenders may be introduced to you for a loan in some cases, tribal lenders are those who are subjected to tribal and certain federal laws and are immune from state laws including usury caps. If you are connected with a tribal lender for personal loan then please carefully understand their charges and interests rates as they might be higher as compared to the state licensed loan lenders. Tribal lenders also may agree you to solve any disputes in the tribal jurisdiction. We urge you to read and understand the terms of the loan offered any lender, either tribal or state licensed and to reject any kind of loan offer that you think you can’t afford or have not so correct or not acceptable policies by you. As soon as you submit your information to MyElaons you are giving the network of lenders the permission to verify your SSN (Social Security Number), driver license number and other provided information. You are also allowing to review your creditworthiness by pulling out your credit history from major credit bureaus as well as alternative credit bureaus. MyEloans gets it compensation from lenders to advertise them through our platform. MyEloans are a free service and never charge user for connecting them to a network of lenders.

Representative APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Range

As MyEloans is not a direct lender for loans, we are unable to provide you with the exact loan APR that you will be charged. APR depends and varies on many factors like lender’s offer, your credit score and credit worthiness, state of residence and the type and term of the loan you request. Your lender will directly provide you with the APR, Loan fees and other terms when you are redirected to your loan agreement during the loan approval process. For an instance APR for the personal loans varies anywhere between 5,99% to 35.99% depending on how your loan in calculated, duration of loan and including all the fees like late payment fees, non payment fees, loan renewal actions and more. APR From a state which has no limiting laws or loans from a bank which is not governed by the state laws are higher. Also to note APR is not the finance charges and the finance charges will be declared to you later on. Some states have a law that caps the APR and charges on a personal online loan.

Implication of Late & Non Payment Actions.

You might be charged by your loan lender for late payments as late fees as well as for non-sufficient funds or non-payment of loan. We advise you to review your loan agreement carefully and understand the financial actions before submitting or doing electronic signature. The Non-Payment may include debt collection practices as per applicable by law. Your loan lender may charge the loan late payment fees in accordance with the state laws. Lenders have all the rights to report your failure of repayment of the loan incase it happens to one or all the major credit reporting agencies. After which if you completes the loan repayment, lender will update the same to the credit reporting agencies. This is also to be noted that late payment or non payment of your loan have a negative impact on your credit history. Some of the lenders in the network consider automatic renewal of the loan taken if it pass the due. It is advised that you should check your loan agreement for your lender’s policy about the automatic loan renewal before submitting your e-signature. Incases of loan renewal, there are some additional charges included with it  as decided by lender and the minimum term can be set up. You might have other options in addition with automatic loan renewal depending upon the lender. This could include options like the ability to repay the loan in full at a later date or repay the entire loan in a series of instalments over a time period. It is advisable to contact your loan lender as soon as possible if you are unable to Pay the loan on repayment date. For even more information about the actions taken by specific lender towards the non-repayment or late payment of loan, please read & review the loan agreement or contact the lender directly. Some other fees like origination and documentation fees may apply to your personal online loan deal. Late payment and Non-payment fees are applied to both short term as well as your online personal loan deals in case of missed or delayed payments. Please review and understand your loan agreement properly and carefully before signing on the agreement or submitting your electronic signature.